Voted Best Tutor in Summit County, CO 2018

Since early Spring Kate provided great help at our Lakewood home help for our son. He has had difficulty with math and she was very able to instill more confidence within him.”
-Matt P. 3/19

Kate has been tutoring my son Ryan for over 3 years and she has made tremendous progress with him in his reading and writing abilities. My son Ryan came out of 1st grade with significant reading difficulties. Over the last 3 years, Kate has focused not just on reading basics but also teaching him the origins of words, pre-fixes and suffixes, and other tools that helps him to better understand the meaning of the words he is reading. He ended 4th grade at almost grade level on his reading. This was a tremendous accomplishment and a great confidence builder for my son. I can’t thank Kate enough for her continued devotion and patience she has with my son, Ryan, who can be difficult at times. I highly recommend Kate to anyone that has a child needing additional assistance with school.
I met Kate about 18 months ago. At our first meeting, I told Kate I knew nothing about Spanish and had not taken any classes for years, but wanted lessons at home, and that I am 78 years old. We have been meeting once or twice a week since then. Kate developed all my lessons, taking into account my abilities and needs. I am very pleased with what we have accomplished. I can’t wait for my upcoming trip to Mexico to try my new skills. Kate has a good command of the language. She is very patient and is able to relate to the specific level of her students. I highly recommend Kate Vumbaco as a teacher/tutor to Spanish students of all ages and levels.
— Donald G. White December 2014
Kate Vumbaco has been tutoring my son for the past three months in Spanish and algebra. Chris is an athlete and attends school online. Chris was falling behind in his studies, struggling with the online-only format. Kate connected immediately with him, has created a fresh learning environment that makes it more interesting for him, has adapted to his needs and brought him back up to where he needs to be.

Kate has been very punctual (which makes me very happy) and very professional at all times. She is easy to talk to to discuss concerns and strategy, open to changes in our needs and adapts accordingly. Kate has kept me apprized of her thoughts of where the sessions need to go moving forward and each month has written an overview of Chris’ accomplishments and where he needs to focus his efforts.

I would highly recommend Kate’s services. She is an exceptional teacher.
— Laura December 2014