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During early school years most children thoroughly enjoy the world of science due to its inquisitive and hands on nature. However, as science advances during schooling the world of discovery becomes a bit diminished and the memorization of new vocabulary and the application of mathematical equations can become overwhelming. I enjoy breaking down scientific concepts to bare bones and helping the student assimilate the information in a more meaningful approach.  

I have been in love with the sciences throughout my childhood.  Biology was my major in college and it was the first subject I tutored peers in to make a little extra spending money. I have mastered explaining the life sciences in a logical and meticulous way with metaphors that help the student remember the facts. If you forget where you are among a biological cycle, just remember that form fits function in nature and it should help you figure out the next step.

I have experience with tutoring AP & DP Biology and Environmental Sciences, as well as, Chemistry and Physical Sciences.