Kate Vumbaco

Kate Vumbaco is in private practice as a learning specialist whose specialties include learning disabled students and the sciences. She has been assisting students with academics and reading disabilities since 2004. She has a B.A. in Biology from Occidental College. While her background is in biological and molecular sciences, her ability to teach spans across the whole educational spectrum and helps provide support for the student no matter what subject. Her interactive style and large amount of creativity all mixed with her multi-sensory strategies make her an excellent teacher.

Kate’s approach to tutoring is that every student, whether in grade school or college, encounters a time when they need a little extra help to overcome a learning barrier. Her method is to explain concepts in a variety of ways until the information comes to life for the student. There is never just one way to understand or convey a concept. She is a very visually based person and has had great success with alternative learning styles. She knows she has succeeded when the student is able to empower themselves though improved self-confidence with the very material that frustrated them in the past.

Kate has tutored in the Summit County community for eight years and loves living an active lifestyle. However, she now lives in the Denver Metropolitan area and has continued her tutoring business after relocating in 2018.

She specializes in homeschooling and supplementing the competing junior athlete's education. She has been trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of reading and writing remediation for dyslexic students. Kate truly has a passion for all academic subjects and loves learning.

You can contact Kate via her e-mail: academicfusion@gmail.com